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Mortgage Auction

Mortgage auction

Wiebe Tom and Andrea

PASTURE LAND  160 ACRES    NW  35-1-4   E     IN   Rural municipality of Franklin  Manitoba 

driving directions  From hwy 201  and 218   Ridgville  Corner  2 mile east on 201   and 3 south on road 22 E      SIGNS  are up 

 SELLS AT  Timed  ONLINE  Auction   closing july 13 at 8 pm  

 the succesful  Bidder will enter an offer to purchase  agreement with the sellers 

with Down payment of $20.000   Twenty Thousand Dollars down 

payable  to Tom and Andrea Wiebe  . owners will transfer  the clear title to new owner 

  by august 13 , or sooner  , 

the pasture is currently rented , the  rent  from current tennant will be funded to the new owner comensing  , after  title has been transfered   for the remainder of Grazing year 

Taxes   for the year 2020  will be split  50 / 50  with present owner 

the proberty  has two dugouts  is Fenced and cross fenced  ,  total acreage is pasture 

 persons bidding on this property should relial on there own inspection   This sale is as is 

 all sales will be final , the fianal bid will be suject to owner confirmation  within one hour of closing 

. Motovated seller    for infomation call www.billklassen.com    204 325 4433   325 6230 

Tom and Andrea wiebe  owners 204 829 3291 

Register to bid online at www.billklassen.com

Real estate Auction re; Ken Pashke estate

 Selling Farm land 160 acres se 20-2-8 w 
                    in Rm of Pembina  aprox 30-40  acres cultivated 
                   Balance  slough,  this quarter sells at auction 
                    monday march 23,  11 am  on site, 

reserve bid $100.000
                    terms    $10.000 non refundable  down on site auction day . payable to 
                    Jaret Hoeppner Law office  Morden Mb.  Balance upon Closing 
                     on or before   april 23. 2020 .  this land auction conducted on behalf of the estate 
                        of the Late Ken Pashke  Morris manitoba 
                     Driving location  From jct hwy 3 and Kaliada road pr 528, 3 mile south 1 mile west 1/2 south 
                      you are now at the N,E  Corner of 20-2-8 w 

 i sell land in 3 rounds Minimum ,  will explain at the site monday morning 

Questions  call me  Bill Klassen 204 325 4433  ,  cell 325 6230 

Klippenstein James and Sylvia Real Estate Auction

Selling Real Estate Property on behalf of James and Sylvia Klippenstein 


Developable Property for sale at public auction 

Friday Feb 28 10am 2020 AUCTION TO BE CONDUCTED in Banquet Room of Triangle Oasis Restaurant Jct 32 and 14 highways Winkler Manitoba 

PLEASE NOTE: This is real estate only. There is machinery and tools and property in Shop that is on yard and pasture that will be sold on May 23, 2020.   

Real Estate

Parcel 1: 5.78 acres legal NE of 1-3-4 W, RM Stanley roll #185600.00 Title #2966612, Civic address 18084 Hwy 14 with smaller shop building plus older dwelling. This is approx 2.25 miles East of Winkler 14 and 32 Jct.

Parcel 2: 9.81 Acres NW 1-3-4 W, RM Stanley roll #185750.000 Title #2966689, Civic address 79 Leslie Ave East villageof Reinfeld Frontage with later style home attached garage, currently rented. 

Parcels run side by side for some Distance   Bids will be taken on Individual Lots . then combined  price may be considered , or also offered as one Unit,  one money . prior to allocating the successful Bidder  { Purchaser  }   all this with intentions of opening bid of $720,000.00 (Seven hundred twenty thousand dollars).

The successful bidder will enter offer to purchase agreement and will pay via Cheque, $25,000 down immediately following close of auction payable to Jarit  Hoeppner Law Office.

The balance will be paid to Jarit Hoeppner Law Office to accommodate a closing date of on or before March 27, 2020

See our website www.billklassen.com for photo of property



Wiebe Estate real estate auction

THIS PROPERTY HAS A YARD Subdivived out of  property with Drive way off  Stepens  st. locally known as angle road ,  there are two titles  the property will be sold at auction to the highest bidder  there is no reserve bid 

RAILROAD crosses the land east to west near south end  with  aproach from  east


this property is loacated in RM of Portage La Prairie   roll # 0205100.000


more Details will become available shortly 

Ben Wiebe estate Real estate Auction

Ben Wiebe estate  real estate Auction  

 selling 72 acres Portage la Prairie  soil  Unreserved to the highest Bidder . 

""Monday   October 21  10 am  2019   auction will be conducted at the 2nd floor of Canad inn Portage La Prairie 1401 Saskatchewan ave west 

selling to the highest bidder , UN RESERVED 

72 acres of currently agriculture farm land  adjacent to the city of portage la prairie manitoba 

Known as 

land index  part 3632' NE of RLY 213 Exc PT S of Plan 1052 title # 2972887  =aprox  50  acres  in RM OF Portage La Prairie and 22 acres   in city of Portage la Prairie 

RL 120 PP  PART 561' NE OF 213 PT  SUB  BY PLAN 64470 

 Title #  2972886  = 14.11acres on south side of RR Tracks  entrance from east , in  city of Portage La Prairie ,

 Please note yard marker  680 Stephens street  is not part of the land auction  this yard has been  subdivide  out of  the selling Farmland ,

terms'   The successful high bidder will enter offer to purchase agreement 

 with 10 %  non refundable  cheque or cash  payable to Greenberg and  Greenberg  LAW FIRM 231 

Saskatchewan ave Portage la Prairie Mb . 

THIS FIRM  will Transfer title on behalf of the Ben Wiebe estate .   balance of Funds need to be in the  hands of Greenberg and Greenberg  IN  Time to complete transfer of title within 30 days . namely nov 21. 2019 . 

 more info on www.billklassen.com   

Bill Klassen auctioneers  204 325 4433  cell 6230   

administrator  for  the wiebe estate  Reg Wiebe  204 249 0555  '' 


Mary Pott estate


the N W Quater  of  13-2-4 E        RIGHT ON HIGHWAY  201   

 On this quater is a yard with  1963  Bungalow Home 

Civic Address 23076    Road 9 n     

aprox 80 acres are cultivated . terms and conditions are coming in next few days 

159.93 acres OF Emerson Franklin    Roll #  013600.000

DES nw 13-2-4E           157.93  Acres 

2019 Taxes      have been paid in full            $ 1107.41 

Title  or deed #   1569550 

Note 2019 taxes will be paid by vendor Owner 

Note this Property sells at public auction on site  sat oct 5 2019  

highest bidder  after minium of  3 rounds of selling  will  entry an Offer to purchase agreement 

between the seller Estate of  Mary Pott  and the high bid buyer 

The Buyer will furnish non refundable down payment  of $20,000  twenty thousand  payable  to law Firm of Cole and Mace  Altona manitoba,  Peter Cole lawyer 204 324 6451 

This law  firm will transfer title to new owner's  with in 30 Days   Balance of Funding  needs to be at law firm in suffiecient tine to have transfer completed  no later than Nov 5 2019  

To view or property information contact Gordon Johnson  204 425 3706 

Hodgson Doug

for sale 414 christie street  in La Riviere    Manitoba   aprox 11 20 sq ft house on full finish basement , 

300 sqraue ft breeze way entrance , and two door garage , nice attractive well cared for home , with own 53 ft drilled well, and town sewre hook up ,  low taxes , two bedoom up stairs , Onsuite off master bedroom  plus full baths on main and basement , 

this property sells at Auction  on thursday june 21,  at 7 pm   

Owner will be showing the house and property as follows 

house may be viewed on monday  june 11, from 7 to 8 pm 

and june  18 from 7 to 8 pm   and or other arrangements  can be made  

 successful bidder will enter offer to purchase agreement , with 10,000 , Ten Thousand dollars down auction day payable to Widmer law office Morden manitoba , Balance due in 30 Days or upon closing and transfer of Title , to new owners 

this transaction  is subject to modess reserve of $140.000.00 




Reimer Jake Farm land auction

FOR SALE AT Auction  80 acres of Farmland in RM OF Dufferin 



Selling   80 acres  SW OF 19-7-6 W    ROLL # 0168300.000


THIS location is From Stephenfield  north on 338 till Road 39w

Then ¾  west its south 80  of sw sec 19-7-6

80 acres open land  currently in Hay

 Light sandy soil  suitable for most crops

 All legal work representing the seller Jake Reimer Box 13 Graysville Manitoba R0G0T0

WILL BE HANDLED BY Law firm of Gilmour and Braul


Sells at auction DEC 29 2017  10 am in Carman at the Breakaway restraunt  hwy 245 and hwy 13 jct,

Succesful Bidder will enter Purchase agreement and make payment of

10 % down auction Day in cheque or Cash  payable To Gilmour and Braul  law firm 

 Winkler Manitoba, 184 Main street   204 325 8850


Balance in 30 days or at Closing , payable to Gilmour and Braul  Law firm


The successful bidder will have satisfied him/ her self  as to the location,  and condition,

Of this property , any caveats  leans  etc of said property


The successful Bidder will totally rely on his or her inspection , all sales will be final as is where is NO  bidder shall retrieve  there bid,  all bids stand  

 Auction company may take two or more rounds of selling prior to calling a successful bid


Any questions  please call Bill Klassen Auctioneer  204 325 4433  home and office

Or Cell 204 325 6230


 We sell land , bill 

Phone: (204) 325-4433
Cell: (204) 325-6230
Email: bill@billklassen.com